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Have your broken sprinklers repaired efficiently and on time. Call WaterLawn Sprinklers today for prompt sprinkler service in Deer Park, NY, and areas throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. You can also look into upgrading to a smart sprinkler system that will make your life much easier.

2018 Select Service

Call today and sign up for our Select Service. This service includes sprinkler head repairs, fixing sprinkler leaks, and more. We charge only $175 for this service, and we guarantee exact hourly appointments.

  • Spring — Start Up/Checkup
  • Summer — Service Calls
  • Fall — Winterization


Let us see to all your sprinkler system needs — your lawn will thank you! We will adjust and check the timer and more. Service calls start at $60.


Do not torture your lawn in the hot summer sun! We would be happy to repair your system. Each service costs a minimum of $60.


So the pipes do not freeze and burst, we will blow out all the water from your pipes for the season. This invaluable service costs a minimum of $60.

Backflow Tests

We are fully licensed in the state of New York to conduct backflow tests (license number NYSDOH6347). Tests cost a minimum of $60. Contact us today to learn more.