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Comprehensive Sprinkler Service in Deer Park, NY

Are your sprinklers spraying water where they shouldn’t? Perhaps, they are causing a small flood on your property. Get them repaired by depending on our sprinkler service in Deer Park, NY. Whatever the issue, our WaterLawn Sprinklers can fix it, so everything is in working condition again. Whether you want to sell your home or you plan to live in it for many years, you need a fully functioning sprinkler system. Add color and appeal to your property by ensuring you have a lovely lawn.

Serving the Deer Park areas as well as Nassau and Suffolk County, we are proud to provide irrigation system repair, backflow testing, and sprinkler upgrades. Let us make your life easier and lawn lusher!

Sign Up for Our Select Service

Call today for more information about our Select Service. This service includes repairing sprinkler heads, fixing sprinkler leaks, and more. We charge only $175 for this service, and we guarantee exact hourly appointments. The service includes:

  • Spring — Start Up/Checkup
  • Summer — Service Calls
  • Fall — Winterization

Servicing Your Sprinklers

Let us see to all your sprinkler system needs. Your lawn will thank you! We’ll adjust and check the timer as well as perform a wide range of other services. For instance, you may notice that your sprinklers aren’t spraying in the right areas, or they are over spraying. This happens after continued usage. Fortunately, we make the necessary adjustments to ensure an evenly watered yard. Service calls start at $60.

Affordable Sprinkler Repair

Don’t torture your lawn in the hot summer sun! If your sprinkler has sprung a leak or is simply not working, we are happy to repair your system. We’ve seen it all: damaged sprinkler heads, control system problems, and pipe bursts. We are experts at fixing sprinkler leaks and other problems. Each service costs a minimum of $60.

Irrigation System Winterization

As winter approaches, it’s important to protect your sprinkler system. Any water left in your pipes or even the sprinkler heads could cause significant damage. The water will freeze and expand, causing your pipes to burst. By providing winterization, we blow out all the water from your pipes so that your system is safe and secure. This invaluable service costs a minimum of $60.

Backflow Tests

Don’t allow water from your sprinkler system to enter your home’s drinking water. A backflow preventer ensures your sprinkler system’s water goes where it’s supposed to go -- on your lawn! We are fully licensed in the state of New York to conduct backflow tests (license number NYSDOH6347). Tests cost a minimum of $60. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Contact us to schedule one of our services for your sprinkler system. We proudly serve customers throughout Deer Park, NY, and the greater areas.